Kevin’s music career started when he was just five years old, singing Disney songs into a turkey baster-turned microphone. His passion now obvious to anyone with ears, Kevin was enrolled in music lessons at an early age, just six years old. He started on piano, eventually picking up saxophone in middle school. Soon he was playing in state symphonic bands, touring with classical horn trios, and singing his heart out any chance he got. Ultimately Kevin found his place in the jazz and blues scene in high school and college, while also exploring his talents as a guitar player. Upon graduating from GWU, Daniel had played in two quartets, four high school orchestras, two jazz and blue bands, one bluegrass band, one punk ska group, and even sang tenor in an acapella group. It was his move to New York City which put Kevin on the path towards his eventual solo career, and as well as the tragic and sudden loss of his mother and stepfather in 2013.

During a dinner party in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Kevin received a phone call from his sister that would change everything. His mother and stepfather, adventure-seekers and amatuer pilots, were flying back from their mountain house in western North Carolina when their plane fatally crashed over Winston-Salem. Over the next two weeks, Daniel’s life was turned upside down, his family torn apart and the world forever changed. During those two weeks in North Carolina, reliving his parent’s lives through photos, essays, and family stories, Kevin wrote over a dozen songs. All were fueled both by the grief of losing his parents, as well as the celebration of the large lives they were known for. From those songs, six were chosen to record, including one specifically written for Kevin’s parent’s memorial service.

The result of those recordings is FLY, Kevin Daniel’s inaugural EP. The six-song project was recorded in 2014 in Brooklyn and covered the gambit of Kevin’s emotions during a time of supreme distress. Southern sounds of banjo and country-loving three-part harmonies were backed by rock riffs and pop lyrics speaking to true life and the celebration of one worth living. “I always knew I wanted to record my own music, and a life spent being in other people’s bands had prepared me to lead my own, both in the studio and on the stage. It was losing my parents that gave me the kick in the ass to finally do it”, says Daniel. The EP is available on multiple digital outlets as well as on 12-inch opaque blue vinyl.

Kevin Daniel recently finished his second EP, Myself Through You, recorded at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY, and produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Rice. Kevin rounded up a host of talented, professional musicians from all backgrounds, resulting in a blend of richly recorded blend of genres and instruments. “When I started thinking about this EP,  knew I wanted to get some of the best musicians I know in the studio. With Ben’s help, we really created a space where people could come in, lay down their own version of the parts, and create something unique to them as well as the record,” says Kevin. From pedal steel guitar to flugelhorn to bluegrass banjo, the songs on Myself Through You play home to instruments working in tandem execute the country-tinged Americana Kevin has written over the last few years. The EP’s title track ‘Seeing Myself Through You’ is Daniel’s attempt to take subjective look at his own life. “I often find myself trying to take a step back and see life from someone else’s eyes,” says Kevin. “This song came into being at a time where I was really struggling to understand someone else’s point of view. I think we all struggle with that daily.” Kevin is currently working on filming music videos for the EP’s two singles, ‘Born A Preacher’ and ‘Myself Through You’, both to be released in early 2018.

Following the future release of Myself Through You in early 2018, Kevin Daniel will tour throughout the northeast, southeast, south, and midwest, bringing his explosive live performances and a full band on the road.

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